Wednesday, July 15, 2009

YAY for second trimester!!!!

Today I am 14 weeks. It seems to have gone too fast. I know I say that in every post but seriously how am I 14 weeks already? By this time with my son I had clothes and diapers bought. This time I have only bought 2 onesies and I received some gifts from my wonderful BFPB on the Bump. I did some trades on WTE but I still don't have much. I don't even fill up a box with the stuff I have for this baby.

We did pick out our double stroller though. We probably won't buy it until we get to DFW since we don't have anywhere to put it. Ugh I can't wait until October. I am so ready to move. I secretly hope they don't get the rest of the NTPs on the job so we can maybe leave sooner. I wish for this every day.

My next dr appt is tomorrow and I can't wait to hear the heartbeat again. I am also really looking forward to my next U/S so we can find out the gender (hopefully in August).

Well here is my pic. It doesn't look very good, but oh well.

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