Thursday, September 24, 2009

24 weeks

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Not a whole lot going on right now. We found out it is a boy and his name will be Mason Alexander. I can't wait until January. I am so excited for this little boy and the relationship he will have with his big brother. Big brother loves to give Mason kisses every day. I know he will be a good big brother. Blood sugars are still under control. Still in the losing weight category, but the doctors don't seem to be concerned. Everything else is going well.

In other news... DH got a clean bill of health from his doctor and they said dh is as healthy as a 20 year old and there is no reason he won't see 100 years. This makes me very happy. I am so proud of him for all of the lifestyle changes he has made over the last 9 months. He is such a great husband and daddy.

Mason doesn't need any more clothes (at least not in newborn/0-3), hats, mittens, bibs, or wash cloths. We still need to buy everything else, but we are waiting to see what happens with the project down here before we start shopping.

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