Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How we celebrated (and ramblings)

When hubby got home last night we went out for Chinese food and I pretty much ate the whole buffet haha. After that we went to Walmart so I could get some PNV (is that one on the list?), and some new magazines. I told my mom via text message with a pic of the BFP and the title was guess what. She said "are you sure" lol...moms *sigh*.

I am still excited, but the shaking has subsided. I had my first little nausea this morning but nothing big. Tomorrow I will be 4 weeks and I started my belly pic collection, but I won't post any until I have something to show.

I have a list of names going too. You can vote on them at

It is an on going list so check back often for new names to vote on.

Tonight we are going to the company softball game. Awesomeness for gooey nachos with jalapenos and fresh lemonade.

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